AquaCalc DataLink 3 Release Notes

Please report bugs to:

Greg Ruszovan


JBS Energy / JBS Instruments
311 D Street
West Sacramento, CA 95605

Release Notes and Change Report

Version 3.2.1 BETA

Bug Fixes:

Version 3.1.1

Section Graphs / Section Report:

Version 3.1.0

Section Explorer screen:

Download Section Measurements Screen:

Settings Screen:


HKEY_CURRENT_USER/JBSEnergy/DataLinkApplicationPath HKEY_CURRENT_USER/JBSEnergy/DataLinkDownloadLogPath

Minor bug fixes including:

Fixed problem with dashes "-" and periods "." in Section ID causing problems with file paths.

Fixed problem with "Opening File location in Windows Explorer" in Section Explorer.

About screen now autosizes text areas.


Version 3.0.5 - Full Release To Market

Beta designation removed from Main Windows Explorer header

Help file updated

Version 3.0.3.x BETA

Changes include:

Bug fixes:


Version 3.0.2.x

Changes include:

Bug fixes:

Version 3.0.1.xx

DataLink Known Issues: